Discounts That Could Lower Your Auto Insurance Premiums


Having to pay auto insurance each month can add up quite quickly for any driver. If you know what to look for and how you can save money, you might find that it can be much more affordable than it had been in the past. Use the guide below to assist you in learning about some of the popular discounts available for auto insurance.

If you have more than one vehicle, you might already know about the multiple car discount. Additional cars on the policy may seem like they would cost you more than double what you pay, but in reality, it can be very affordable. You will likely pay only about twenty-five percent more for your policy with a second car on it. This, of course, depends on the car that you add to your policy.

Check with your employer, credit union or travel club to see if there are any discounts available through them. You may find that they offer insurance through a particular company at a substantially lower rate. Oftentimes, these are insurance companies that are well known and a great history for customer service.

If you own or rent your home, own a boat or RV, you might be able to save some money by combining all of your insurance policies to one company. Multiple policy discounts can add up to be quite a bit of money each year. A common discount is about twenty percent off your homeowners insurance if you carry it through the same company as your auto insurance.

Do not be surprised when you get a letter from your insurance company shortly before or after your twenty-fifth birthday. You will save a percentage each year once you reach this milestone. If you do not receive a letter, be sure to contact your insurer to be sure this discount is applied.

Having a clean driving record will make you eligible for the safe driver discount. Many times, this discount is applied if you have gone more than four years without any accidents or violations. If you are unsure about how long it has been since your last incident, contact the DMV of your state and request a copy of your driving history.

If your car has an anti-theft system in it, you will qualify for a discount of around five percent. It does not sound like much, but when you are paying several hundred dollars each year for your auto insurance, it will add up to be a good bit of money.

Completing a driver’s safety course will help you save some money. Discounts vary from insurer to insurer, but it will be worth the investment of the course either way. The safer driver you are, the less accidents you will have and the cheaper your insurance will be in the long run anyway.

Many times, your insurance agent will go through each of theses discounts as well as any others that may be available for you. If the do not, make sure to inquire about each one to be sure you are not overpaying for your auto insurance.