Finding Auto Insurance Savings For Safe And Savvy Drivers


If you are anything like millions of other drivers on the road, you are finding it difficult to continue shelling out hundreds of dollars for car insurance. Some people try to cut costs by simply dropping their coverage or taking out only the absolute minimum level of protection. While this may save a few dollars here and there, it only works if you do not get into an accident, or if you do not get pulled over. In some states, driving without insurance is illegal, and will result in having your car or truck impounded. Instead of risking it all with insufficient coverage, try these tips for saving more on your premiums.

First thing’s first: Do your homework. If you currently have coverage, contact your insurer and request an itemized copy of your plan. This will give you a good starting point for comparison with other providers. At this point, you can spend some time perusing an insurance comparison website like NetQuote or Insurance. Some insurance providers, including Geico, Progressive and Esurance, offer their own comparison tools. You will be asked to provide some basic personal information, as well as data about your vehicle and driving history. Within a few minutes, you will be provided an extensive list of different providers and their rates.

When considering different insurance providers, a fancy website and friendly agent are excellent things to have, but they may not give you the full picture. For that information, it pays to visit the J.D. Power and Associates website, which provides detailed ratings of different agencies based on responses from individual policyholders. You can view information about the speed of claims handling, representatives’ knowledge and overall experience. It is always helpful to hear about these things from someone just like you, and who is not being paid for their testimonial.

An insurance agent once noted that most people wouldn’t dream of letting another person use their toothbrush, but that they don’t hesitate to allow another person to drive their vehicle. What’s wrong with that picture? Unless there is an emergency, NEVER let someone else get behind the wheel of your car if they are not covered on your policy. While it is unlikely that they will be involved in an accident, the consequences are dire nonetheless. If another member of your household will be driving the vehicle, be sure that they are added to your plan. If your household has multiple drivers, each with their own vehicle, you can save money by purchasing coverage for everyone from a single insurance company.

If you are struggling to stay on top of your finances, or perhaps if you just want to save a little money here and there, a closer look at your car insurance may be just the thing. Heed the advice you’ve just read and look for ways to apply the tips to your own situation. You may find that you have been paying hundreds or even thousands of dollars extra every year. The most important thing is to find an insurer who can give you the best coverage for the best possible price.